HD Lace Closure 4" x 4"

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The best-kept secret of the ladies. The highly anticipated NEW HD Closures are NOW IN STOCK and ready to ship. Also known as HD MELT Closures, these closures actually create an undetectable finish due to their ultra-thin lace, giving your hair a perfect, natural look! 

The dimensions of the piece are  5" x 5"

We offer lace closures that are the best option for women looking to give their leave outs a rest. Nobody will know you are wearing a weave thanks to our discreet Closures! A natural finish and invisible appearance, this Swiss Lace cuff is made from the finest thin Swiss Lace.

The measurements are 4" x 4"

high definition

A HD (high definition) lace closure is a very thin invisible lace closure. It is very popular now because it is very undetectable and looks natural. Also known as HD frontal closure and HD melt closure creates some questions marks about is usage and whether these transparent HD frontals last.

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